SASTEK was established in 2001 in Ankara.

Our company, which focuses on the field of Inspection and Certification; changed the trade name of the company in the main contract to ``SASTEK Conformity Assessment Services Industry and Trade A.S.`` in 2005.

OUR MISSION With SASTEK activities, it has undertaken an important mission for professionalization, institutionalization and the formation of a quality culture.

Our company, which focuses on the field of Inspection and Certification; changed the trade name of the company in the main contract to “SASTEK Conformity Assessment Services Industry and Trade AS” in 2005.

It has changed the management and organizational structure in accordance with the accreditation rules. In this context, it has prepared the necessary infrastructure and started its activities.

SASTEK has undertaken an important mission for the formation of professionalization, institutionalization and quality culture with its activities. It operates with its national, international, globalizing dimension, experienced and expert staff. It plays an important role in the formation of a security umbrella in products and services by contributing to the realization of the quality consciousness of Turkish manufacturers and consumers, and in removing the technical obstacles that our manufacturers face within the framework of the European Acquis.

OUR VALUES: -Confidentiality, -Objectivity, -Accuracy, -Reliability, -Experience, -Knowledge, -Human-Oriented Understanding, -Participation, -Sharing, -Confidence

In the second half of the 20th century, new ideas, products, organizational structures and management approaches emerged in the world. The main reasons for this rapid change are the rapidity of technological development, the exponential increase in knowledge, the increase in the level of culture and knowledge of societies and the individuals that make up them, the globalization of capital, the increase and facilitation of communication. In this process; From an industrial point of view, both consumer preferences and behaviors and producer responses have differentiated. Globalization winds that are accepted all over the world, company partnerships, rapid progress of technology and science have also led to the development of information and human-oriented thinking systems and management systems as a result of increases in cooperation.

These developments have brought the concept of competition among businesses to the agenda, although the concept of competition has undergone changes in the process, it continues its brutal dimension in today’s world. The historical process of competition can be interpreted as production superiority, cost superiority, quality superiority, speed superiority, quality speed superiority, quality speed cheap product.

Businesses; In order to exist in this destruction competition, it has to produce or provide services that basically include the dimensions of quality: Reliable, Convenient, Durable, Aesthetic, Timely Delivery, Reasonable Price, Service facilities.

In our country, companies, institutions and organizations that met with the element of competition with the collapse of customs walls after 1980 are struggling with the ruthless dimension of competition that is constantly changing in the world.

Basically, the main element of competition, quality, is a lifestyle that does not end and covers all areas of life, not limited to business in general. The phenomenon of quality is a cultural approach. This approach, the integration of education and learning, continuous improvement with all activities, is the way to success in all areas of life.

SASTEK, which adopts the policy of following continuous development and innovations;

We can summarize the activities of SASTEK under the following subheadings:

  • Conformity Assessment, Certification and Reporting,
  • To prepare Type Examination and Design Examination Documents and their annexes.
  • To make product certifications and standard compliance certifications,
  • Certifying Quality and Management Systems,
  • Conducting long-term Internal Audits and reviews.
  • To carry out inspection activities and to document inspection results.
  • Performing tests, calibrations, inspections or having them outsourced to other organizations.
  • To make and/or have all kinds of requirements within the framework of European Union Regulations
  • Supervising subcontracting services,
  • Conducting site inspections and reporting and/or documenting the results.
  • To provide Training and Human Resources Services,
  • Periodic checks of heat meters
  • Performing certification activities when required by CE Marking Services, certifications and related regulations
  • Providing Technical Support for the National Facility Security Document and the NATO Facility Security Document
  • To provide technical support with our expert staff for AS 9100 Aerospace Management System certification