CE Certification

The CE Mark consists of the initials of the French words ``Conformité Européenné``.

Software Validation

The main objective of WELMEC is to establish a coherent and consistent approach...

Education Services

Total Quality Management, PCM (Project Cycle and Management Training)-EU Projects...

Calibration Services

From EN ISO 17025 on electrical, size, mass, volume, optical calibration...

Laboratory Services

From EN ISO 17025 on electrical, size, mass, volume, optical calibration...

MID Certification Services

The MID directive covers manufacturers, from the production of...

Professionalization, institutionalization and excellence

SASTEK A.S. With its activities, it has undertaken an important mission for the formation of a quality culture in the pursuit of professionalization, institutionalization and excellence.

We undertake a mission to create a quality culture

1. Our Goal

To become the primary laboratory of the International Organization for Legal Metrology OIML-CS, whose work was started in December 2017, and to be accredited by the ISO EN 17065 -2012 standard.

2. What are we doing?

By employing trained, experienced and reliable Expert personnel who have served in their fields for many years in Private Sector and Public institutions and organizations,

In order to increase the quality level of the products and services offered by the Turkish Production and Service Sector and to contribute to the EU harmonization process;

It has set out to serve the Turkish Industry.

Filling an important gap by establishing the necessary infrastructure in the field of Inspection and Certification of Measuring Instruments, SASTEK will set an example for other companies with the innovations it will make.

3. Who are we?

SASTEK was established in 2001 in Ankara.

Our company, which focuses on the field of Inspection and Certification; The Company’s Commercial Title in the Articles of Association was changed to “SASTEK UYGULUK EVALUME HİZMETLERİ SANAYİ VE TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ” in 2005.