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The CE Mark consists of the initials of the French words “Conformité Européenné”. Its meaning...


SASTEK A.Ş. has Accreditation from TS EN ISO/IEC 17021-1:2015 Standard.


SASTEK, which has TÜRKAK accreditation on TS EN ISO 17065 Standard, provides compliance...


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Corporate and Personal Trainings Management System Trainings ISO 9001:2015 Quality...

quality culture
and pursuit of excellence.

SASTEK A.S. With its activities, it has undertaken an important mission for professionalization, institutionalization and the formation of a quality culture.

We undertake a mission to create a quality culture

1. Our Vision

SASTEK A.Ş, which started to work within the framework of its new field of activity with the change in its field of activity, to expand the scope of its accredited laboratories and to ensure their continuity, to continue accreditation studies on existing subjects. To increase the effectiveness of the work of the notified body.

2. What are we doing?

By employing trained, experienced and reliable expert personnel who have served in their fields for many years in Private Sector and Public institutions and organizations,

In order to increase the quality level of products and services produced by the Turkish Production and Service Sector, to contribute to the quality culture of people and to contribute to the EU harmonization process;

It has set out to serve the Turkish Industry.

Filling an important gap by establishing the necessary infrastructure in the field of Inspection and Certification of Measuring Instruments, SASTEK will set an example for other companies with its innovations.

3. Who are we?

SASTEK was established in 2001 in Ankara.

Our company, which focuses on the field of Inspection and Certification; changed the trade name of the company in the main contract to “SASTEK Conformity Assessment Services Industry and Trade AŞ” in 2005.

SASTEK, which adopts the policy of following continuous development and innovations;

  • We can summarize the activities of SASTEK under the following subheadings:
  • Conformity Assessment, Certification and Reporting,
  • To prepare Type Examination and Design Examination Documents and their annexes.
  • To make product certifications and standard compliance certifications,
  • Certifying Quality and Management Systems,
  • Conducting long-term Internal Audits and reviews.
  • To carry out inspection activities and to document inspection results.
  • Performing tests, calibrations, inspections or having them outsourced to other organizations.
  • To make and/or have all kinds of requirements within the framework of European Union Regulations
  • Supervising subcontracting services,
  • Conducting site inspections and reporting and/or documenting the results.
  • To provide Training and Human Resources Services,
  • Periodic checks of heat meters
  • Performing certification activities when required by CE Marking Services, certifications and related regulations
  • Providing Technical Support for the National Facility Security Document and the NATO Facility Security Document
  • To provide technical support with our expert staff for AS 9100 Aerospace Management System certification.